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Customized Tech-long Drinking Water Processing Equipment
Company introduction
ZhangJiaGang D-REAL Packing Machinery Co,.Ltd take precise filling system as the main body, according to the user product technological requirements process, to provide best quality beverage packaging production line equipment and services, which is also our market positioning.
Founded in early 2013, located in the Yangtze River Delta emerging port industrial city, national civilized city - Zhangjiagang City Economic Development Zone. ZhangJiaGang D-REAL Packing Machinery Co,.Ltd adopt to the world's most new beverage packaging technology (Germany, Italy, France technology), and it integrated R & D, design, production manufacturing and after service in one body professional liquid beverage packaging equipment supplier.
Our company tend to take KRONES, Sidel and other some international top brands as the benchmark,and try to learn the accuracy of various filling fluids. At the same time, we also follow the France ZALKIN and the Italy AROL's lead. We are working hard to learn the Mechanical control technology of capping to keep our core technology of 3 into1,4 into 1,5 into 1filling machine group and so on being in the leading position in China.
Our company have a group of skilled, experienced staff, most of them are from the domestic first-line packaging machinery enterprises, with the domestic first-line brand of drinks whole plant engineering experience, such as cola, Wahaha, Master Kong, Yue Bao, Daly Park, king, Pocari sweat and Dongpeng drink and so on. All accumulation of these experiences will provide a strong guarantee for the safety and stability of the beverage production in the future.
To this tend, When we provide the drinks, water filling machine and packaging production line for the customers at home and abroad, we often receive many multiple purchases form our regular customers. Since 2014, the Baixiang group in China have been purchased 4 drinking water about 15000BPH, 18000BPH production lines for 3 consecutive years and the 4 lines have been all-day production. The other customer is from the southeast Asia. The customer have purchased 6 small bottled drinking water production lines about 120000BPH, 18000BPH in all for 4 consecutive years. Our company send professional engineers to provide itinerant service every year.
Our Product:
Bottled water filling production line
Pure water treatment system
Mineral water treatment system
Concentrate juice pretreatment system
Natural juice pretreatment system
Bottled juice filling production line
Carbonated drinks filling production line
Carbonated drinks pretreatment system
5 gallon water filling production line
Can filling production line
Oil filling production line
Sediment filling line
Our Certificate
Engineer Project
Through the joint efforts of all staff, as of August 2017, we have provided the main users of the products as follows:
1.Ultra-Clean Filling Series
ShiYao Group一12000BPH 5-in-1 moderate temperature whole filling line project-GuoWeiKang drinks.
HeNan SanFeng Drinks Co,.Ltd一15000BPH 5-in-1 moderate temperature filling system project- Strawberry milk drinks.
YunNan ZhaDian Milk Co,.Ltd一10000BPH 4-in-1 cold chain filling and packing line.
GuiZhou HeZhiLin Drinks Co,.Ltd一12000BPH 5-in-1 moderate temperature filling system-tea drinks.
ShanXi LvMeng Drinks Co,.Ltd一12000BPH 5-in-1 moderate temperature whole filling line project-buckwheat tea drinks.
JiangXi XunWu一8000BPH 4-in-1cold filling whole production line- orange juice(NFC glass bottle)
Inner Mongolia latitude 48 degrees一8000PBH 4-in-1 (normal temperature) - mineral water filling system
Japanese company 一15000BPH 5-in-1 (moderate temperature) filling and packaging systems - fruit juice drinks
2.Water Filling Line
Anhui Panpan whole plant project- 18000BPH pure water
Anhui JinYi Drinks Co,.Ltd 15000BPH bottle unscramble bottle filling and conveyer system-bamboo leaves water
Qingdao Qianhui MaiFanShi Drinks Co,.Ltd-15000BPH whole plant project-water
Fujian Jin Yuan Mountain 15000BPH/12000BPH/6000BPH (2L) three filling lines - mineral water
Guizhou HeZhiLin 12000BPH filling and packaging line - spring water
Indonesia 18000BPH/12000BPH two line - spring water
Angola 8000BPH (Sports cover / general cap two style ) filling systems - pure water
Lebanon 12000BPH two lines - pure water
Guinea 12000BPH filling systems - pure water
Yunnan Funing water group -12000BPH downstream filling and packaging systems - pure water
Cambodia -18000BPH/12000BPH 5 lines
Hunan Lanshan group -40T GE ultrafiltration water treatment, 5 gallon 1200BPH production line
Jiu Long Jai Food 15000BPH drinking water filling production line
3.The Hot Filling
Guangdong YinXue food drinks -15000BPH containing particles four in one – particle juice filling
Qingdao donglao water industry -10000BPH filling and packing system - dietary fiber beverage
Weihai Shandong gold fruit drinks -8000BPH filling and auxiliary systems - Apple Cider Vinegar
Hunan family fruit -12000BPH filling and auxiliary systems - fruit juice drinks
Ningxia wolfberry beverage - 8000BPH Line Engineering wolfberry drinks (glass bottle packaging, products exported to the United States)
4.Carbonated Drinks
Anhui JinYi Drinks Co,.Ltd -12000BPH whole plant project- salt soda water
Sichuan Luzhou Kaitou -8000BPH whole plant project- the mixer drinks(glass bottle)
Zhejiang YangBaiLi Drinks -8000BPH mix system and filling system- red bayberry sparkling wine and red bayberry juice hot filling (glass bottle)
5.The Project Site Installation And Commissioning Phase
Powsys (Canada) 12000BPH mineral water whole filling line project (water treatment system, bottle blowing machine, melt labeling machine, shrink wrapping system and so on.)
Yaoshan, Tianbao 12000BPH whole filling line project (water treatment system, bottle blowing machine, 5 gallons 600 drums of water)
6.The Project is being in made and prepared for shipment
Yurun Group 12000BPH drinking water filling line
Yanbian,Jilin 18000BPH mineral water whole filling line project (bottle blowing machine, carton wrapping machine, robot stacker, twister machine)
Taixi Group (Thailand) 10000BPH plants functional drink whole filling (water treatment system, preparations system, palletizer and so on)
New Torch, Sichuan 8000BPH the whole filling line project (bottle blowing machinewater treatment and so on)
Jinbi mountain 15000BPH plateau water filling machine
Looking into the future, D-REAL people will adhere to "PERFECTION FULFILL THE DUTIES, SEEK FOR GREATER" company philosophy and stick to doing the highest performance cost, most timely service of medium speed of beverage filling equipment brand, do our best to offer high efficiency service and high quality products for the development of the beverage enterprises at home and abroad!
Our Service
1.Consultant Service, we provide tailored solutions for customers
D-real provides with perfect packaging machinery solutions for water, juice, tea drink, beer and other beverages.
2.Our products cover the range of equipment of the a whole production line, from pre-treatment to downstream packaging system. Fast reaction and perfect full service serve you out from hesitate.
3.during the presales, we provide from factory design layout to production line equipment configuration with one stop service.
4.During sales, we will explain every equipment advantage and update the production schedule to our customers and also offer the overseas engineers installing service.
5.After sales, all equipment cover one year warranty and provide technical guidance with free.Customized Tech-long Drinking Water Processing Equipment
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