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MRC - F1 2018 NAXBL / Sign up Thread
MRC - F1 2018 NAXBL
Sign up Thread

In this Thread you can Sign up for the MRC - F1 2018 NAXBL.

Please post an reply with the following data:
  • Name: [How should we call you?]

  • Xbox Gamertag / ID: [Enter here your Gamertag or ID or give us a Link to your Profile.]

  • Nationality: [Where are you from?]
Hey guys, obviously we’re a bit deep in the season, but I’d really like to race in your league. I’m a bit tired of getting wiped out every time me and another player go side by side in regular multiplayer and having to turn the AI up to where they’re straight cheating on tire temps and ers in single player to get a realistic race out of it (making it not so realistic lol) and when has racing AI ever been as fun as real people?
My name’s Evan, my gamer tag is RapidFoal111801 and I’m from west coast US. I have a Logitech g920 wheel and pedals, I normally drive with ABS on, TRC off, and in manual. I can race ok with no abs if assists aren’t allowed.

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